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VC Presets Not Working

PostPosted: 03/23/2011, 2:58 pm
by ElJustin
Ok, I am a total AE noob. That said, I'm trying to start doing tutorials and to start getting a feel for the software. I've download the VC presets such as Day for Night, After Shake, Sure Target etc... and have followed (I believe) the installation instructions but the presets are not showing up in After Effects. I selected my English language version folder, and then moved the VideoCopilot folder into the Presets directory of my After Effects (I have CS 5). Inside of After Effects I can't find it. I've looked again in the Presets folder, and the Video Copilot folder is there with the other presets like Backgrounds, Behaviors, Image-Creative, etc.. but inside of AE no luck. Any idea why I'm striking out? Also, if this is the wrong forum I apologize, I'm just not making any headway on this by myself.