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Postby CSWest on 08/24/2019, 4:21 pm

Does anyone know a way to use the orb plugin and after your done making the earth also make the northern lights or how to use that plugin and make a planet with a ring system? I'm new to this and kinda need it for a project. I need to make it look like there's a "energy wave" passing through the planet and in the book its described as "Northern Lights". I bought the metropolitan pack to do a street view of the "Event" as well but gotta get a clip from orbit to really make it look good.

Thanks in advance!!!
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System Specs: Adobe After Effects 8.0 Keyframe Data

Units Per Second 29.97
Source Width 1920
Source Height 1080
Source Pixel Aspect Ratio 1
Comp Pixel Aspect Ratio 1

Transform Point of Interest
Frame X pixels Y pixels Z pixels
0 778.112 -227.88 875.196

End of Keyframe Data

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