Optical Flare color sample of video layer via expression?

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Optical Flare color sample of video layer via expression?

Postby shanewalker17 on 11/15/2018, 8:37 am

Per a setup for a way to pre-viz an animated LED light grid in a sculptural ceiling. We're aiming to run video into a processor which translates to DMX controls to animate each LED puck's colors...

Step 1) worked out a nice projection mapping of architectural model using Element 3D (see the OT here: viewtopic.php?f=42&t=129682#p391035 ).

Step 2) suggestion by 'star+circle' poster was to build an array of lights, use them to run Optical Flare layer(s)...then sample the video layer (via the "sampleImage" expression), to change the color of each flare based on a sample of the video layer corresponding to where the light is placed. this seems brilliant in that it truly mimics the end setup. The concept seems dead on. I just need some assistance...expression noob and not sure how to address the "flare color" parameter (see attached).

So, this page seemed a good start on the "sampleImage()" expression - http://www.aenhancers.com/viewtopic.php?t=934 ... but as I said, I don't know how to properly set it up to push the color info to the flare color parameter. And verbiage to properly designate it to take the info from the light position vs the 'colorpicker'...unless its as simple as a layer designation.

Also, might post this same query in the plug-ins Forum in case someone Optical Flares-centric stumbles across it there...so apologies on the double-dip.

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Re: Optical Flare color sample of video layer via expression?

Postby shanewalker17 on 11/15/2018, 9:54 am

UPDATE: It works!

So, simple adaptation of the 'AEnhancers' expression, placed directly within the color picker 'Color' value, worked! Replaced 1) the position/sampler layer with the Light (that is used/referenced to create the Optical Flare), and 2) the target layer becomes the animated video layer you wish to color pick from.

The only downside, and perhaps someone has a tip/trick to overcome this...is I'll need to make a Light and a separate OF layer for every single one of the 60+ lights in my scene...so that will take some time. But, from there, its a simple matter of replacing/updating the video layer feed to tweak the lighting animation. I can think of 100+ applications for a setup like this, well beyond my pre-viz for a real lighting setup.

Here is the expression:

target = thisComp.layer("PolarDistort_FullScreenEditTst_TextureReshape_PRE_01");
colorpicker = thisComp.layer("Point Light 1_TestOuterLR");
target.sampleImage(target.fromWorld(colorpicker.position), [0.5,0.5], true, time)

See these screen grabs to see the layer relationships...
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