SABER Plugin Glow Glitch: Gaps in Glow

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SABER Plugin Glow Glitch: Gaps in Glow

Postby CryptikFox on 10/24/2018, 10:01 am

Currently working on a quick Kylo Ren cosplay skit, and I came across a strange glitch with the Saber plugin. If you crank the glow spread up in a 4k composition, strange holes or gaps will appear in the glow falloff.

It actually only happens if the composition view settings are set to full resolution.
Full Res Glitch.jpg
Saber Glow Glitch, 4k composition, full resolution

Set to half resolution, it goes away.
Half Res No Glitch.jpg
Saber glow glitch goes away changing view settings to half resolution

Lowered glow spread, and the gaps in the glow went away.
Edited Settings Full Res.jpg
Lowered the spread and the gaps in the glow would shrink and eventually disappear

Other things to note:

    Any of the glow settings that affect how wide the glow is could make these holes appear and disappear. IE. if I lowered the "Glow Spread", but widened the "Glow Sizes" under the Glow Settings heading, the gaps would come right back in the same places.

    No other parameters—except those that affect how wide your glow is—would change the gaps. Ie. it's not distortion settings, or a motion blur glitch, etc.
    The gaps scale with and follow the saber core (because the glow follows the saber).

    If you fuss with the spread settings, sometimes shards of the actual core (distortion included) will be rendered floating in the glow. (Approximately in the same places you see these gaps).

    Precomposing the 4k composition into a 1080 composition, and rendering that at full res does not work. The gaps appear in the same place.

    Rendering the 4k composition at half resolution does work.

    The only other ways to get rid of the gaps is to change your glow settings to have a smaller glow spread, or work on the saber effect in a smaller composition. Not fun if you've already keyframed the saber start and end positions. You'd have to redo their positions.

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Re: SABER Plugin Glow Glitch: Gaps in Glow

Postby star+circle on 10/25/2018, 3:36 am

Have you tried the same in an earlier version of AE? Updating to the latest just a few days after release is just asking for trouble... I will give it at least 6 to 12 months before the newly introduced bugs have been sorted out. Although I have CC2017 and CC2018 installed, I still do most of my work in AE CC2015, it's the last version where all my plugins work fine.
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