Varying core brightness in Saber

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Varying core brightness in Saber

Postby jedimasta on 07/12/2017, 6:50 pm

I don't think there's a way to achieve this using Saber alone, but maybe someone here has come up with a technique either way. I've done a series of title cards for a client using Saber to simulate neon to pretty great effect. Adding flicker and randomizing the masks in the flicker settings helps sell things even further, but they've asked me if there's a way to vary the brightness/intensity of areas around each neon 'tube'.

I've attached an image of what I mean. The broken ellipse on the left is what I've got going now. On the right is a photoshop comp, demonstrating small areas that are hotter than surrounding areas. I know I could duplicate the layers and adjust the mask vectors and such with different Saber settings, but I've got dozens of masks spread over a dozen layers of my comp, so I'm looking for something a little quicker. Any thoughts? I was hoping I could adjust noise or distortion settings in the core/glow that might achieve this, but haven't hit the magic combo.

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Re: Varying core brightness in Saber

Postby martycg on 01/30/2018, 3:12 pm

you've probably already figured a solution to this, but I'm not sure if there's a way in Saber to do it, if there isn't

- new main comp
- add a fractal noise solid, adjust the contrast significantly and add an evolution time expression
- then add your saber comp under the fractal, duplicate it
- on the top layer add a glow (or make a new saber comp and adjust the settings)
- then go to main comp and change the top saber comp to a luma matte so the glowing version only comes through on the black of the fractal noise
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