So I have this idea for a plugin...

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So I have this idea for a plugin...

Postby MaleBuffy on 05/7/2018, 7:28 am

Let me start by introducing myself...OK done. Let's continue.

So I have this idea for a plugin a long time now, and I finally found some time... to tell it to somebody. :)
I am a big fan of Walking Dead, and Zombie movies in general. I remember when I saw 28 Days Later for the first time. I was living in the UK and had visited London quite a few times. The thing that fascinated me in the movie was the empty streets that usually are crouded and full of people. Of course they shot the scenes early in the morning or late at night with blocking the area for a few minutes etc. But one scene of this guy walking on a bridge and only a few birds flying in the distance, that shot had to contain some VFXs for sure.

Now what I was thinking is a plugin that makes any scene an apocalypse scene, even when there are people walking by or even cars driving around. Let me explain:


- Still shot (Tripod)
- No camera movement
- No change of Exposure, Brightness etc.

How would it work:

The plugin takes a scene lets say 1 minute scene of a street where pedestrians walk.
It compares every pixel or a group of pixels of every frame thoughout this 1 minute and looks if the pixels repeat themselves.
The idea here is that a tree in the street will remain the same, even if a person walks by. At some point in the clip, the same pixels will appear in the same spot. Same goes for a Shop front. Even when people walk by, the pixels of the shop remain the same. The plugin calculates that and creates a image or clip with only those pixels that repeat the most. The result theoretically should be a still image or clip with no people. I hope you are following.

Now of course there should also kind of a Tolerance setting, since in a video, the pixels of a try might not be 100% the same, so lowering the tollerance let's say to 80% will consider still pixel those that are about 80% the same with that of the previous frame.

What do you think? Possible in theory? Because the technical part of programming it I still have to figure out :)

Thanks for reading!
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Re: So I have this idea for a plugin...

Postby Grancigula on 05/24/2019, 11:28 am

I am guessing u want any scene filmed and plugin would automatically delete any moving crap aka make an empty set right? If thats the case, there was some software on Mac few y ago where it would map out everything moving and made "still" background. U could even walk into same scene and it would render the scene on the fly. Green screen technique but without green plate on camera. Ask some older Mac ppl, i never used it so dont know how to find it or whats it called. We had some fun with that app doe.
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Re: So I have this idea for a plugin...

Postby Faust on 05/26/2019, 12:16 am

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Re: So I have this idea for a plugin...

Postby lindagriffithh on 07/15/2019, 12:56 am

Ahah, so it turns out, invent something, and it already exists. But you do not worry, you can create your own and better. :mrgreen:
How long have you been doing in Ae?
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