Question about specific effect

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Question about specific effect

Postby Andre Holg on 04/19/2017, 5:33 am

Hello VC Community,

I am very new to this forum, hope this is the right topic.
Can anyone tell me how to make this effect?:

I am pretty experienced with AE, but i can't get behind it. Guess it's made with Trpacode
Particular, but i'm not sure.

Does anyone know?
Thanks in advance
Andre Holg
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Re: Question about specific effect

Postby gregalan on 04/29/2017, 6:28 pm

Hi Andre, welcome. It could be done with Particular or any 3D particle simulator (probably easier to make in a 3D program which can link sound effectors to objects/particles) however this might give you a general idea of how it works: ... animation/
There is also a program from Red Giant called Soundkeys which might interest you?
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