What kind of effect is this?

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What kind of effect is this?

Postby Penguino138 on 09/3/2016, 5:21 pm

Hey, I was watching a music video and noticed a cool displacement effect. Anyone have any ideas what effect or process was used to create this?

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Re: What kind of effect is this?

Postby star+circle on 09/3/2016, 10:41 pm

The image has been put on a 3D plane (facing the camera), the surface of the plane has been displaced in 3D space. Of AE plug-ins at least Trapcode Mir and Freeform Pro are capable of 3D displacement based on footage, Freeform is better suited for the task, but either will work. Also, the RGB channels have been displaced by different amounts or animated separately from each other.
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