[Help] How was this video made

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[Help] How was this video made

Postby HeadlessSnowman on 05/23/2016, 8:51 pm

I would just like to know what programs were used in the making of this epic csgo video. Or at least speculation upon what sort of programs were used in this. Specifically how the maps were so drastically changed (was it recreated in a 3d animation program or are they just very heavy visual effects), how the intro was done is ( I cannot tell if it is all a 3d animation or live action with visual effects )

My guess is that the scenes themselves were recreated in a 3d animation program then edited in Premiere Pro or Avid and After Effects due to how drastically the maps were changed and how well things stay put, although im only about a month into part time studying of After Effects and tracking could be waaaay better then I think it is (as in its flawless for any good quality if done right) but even if going frame by frame to put some smaller boxes on top of a box where a box used to be and masking that box with the textures of the wall behind it....... ect. It seems like a pointless use of time and would take way to long for a mostly unpaid internet video. However this is why Im asking because I really don't know the answer for sure and not a single place showcasing her video felt like mentioning the software used to make it.

Orignal Video

This is the comparison video (helpful for people who have no clue what CS is to see how much was changed)

Thanks for taking time to help me out with this.
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Re: [Help] How was this video made

Postby Tiegelmann David on 07/1/2016, 2:40 pm


I just want to ask that ,which software do you used to make 3D planets for this = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AYzGhNkNBWs
Thank you in advance for!!!
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