Falling on to camera effect eg rain, snow

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Falling on to camera effect eg rain, snow

Postby steoasisfan on 03/13/2009, 5:58 am

Hey guys and gals!

Can anyone give me any tips of how to create the effect as if you are stood looking up at the sky and the rain or snow or anything really is falling onto you - almost as if it would go splat on the camera!

Have seen this done in some of the showcased pieces and think it looks really effective! I'm quite new to AE don't know enough about it to even start to figure it out!

Any help appreciated!


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Re: Falling on to camera effect eg rain, snow

Postby Kencho on 03/13/2009, 8:09 am

Hey there!

I've been toying with some Sin City-like rain effects lately, and came to two variants to achieve this effect.

The first one is to make a new solid, add noise (should be animated automatically), radial blur, and then play around with the curves to create a strong contrast. That should remove most of the "fill raindrops" so it's clear it's not animated, blurred noise, and giving the feel of very dramatic rain.

As that doesn't give the feel of rain falling (works fine only if very close or very far rain is visible), an alternative is to use a particle system for that. CC Particle world or Trapcode Particular (which also has turbulence; good for snow) should do the work. It's a more performance expensive method, but you get many benefits like turbulence/chaotic movement, depth of field, and the feel of falling rain. You can still add some contrast for the drama ;)

Hope this was helpful.

PS: Hi all!
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Re: Falling on to camera effect eg rain, snow

Postby revelation on 03/14/2009, 7:51 am

Check this out.


Also, add a sky background and some white feathered particles using Particular. If you are not familiar with the plugin, do a few of the tutorials on the site and you'll figure it out pretty quick.
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