Check this out and help! :)

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Check this out and help! :)

Postby mockingjayr on 08/11/2015, 7:36 am

Hello Everyone on Video Copilot! :)

I am an aspiring Architecture Student from the Philippines, but recently I was really inspired by motion graphics and came across this TVC online which was a good combination of both. ... ge-2-final

Now, I just started studying After Effects, but am well aware of 3d Modelling programs such as 3dsMax and Sketchup, the only thing is I'm a beginner at After Effects.

I was hoping you guys could lead me in doing this kind of Effect and help me pull this off. I would take any advice/ tutorials/ comments/ suggestions/ links you could share as this could help me start in understanding Motion Graphics an AfterEffects.

Thank you & God Bless! :)
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Re: Check this out and help! :)

Postby Farmfield on 08/11/2015, 8:54 am

The effect is called "om*g, that's a lot of work" (or rather, I named it that just now as it seemed to fit) and In AE, I would set it up like this.

First you track the camera. After getting a good track and aligning it to the world in a logical way, you create solids in 3D space for the layers you need, so looking at the first clip in your link, one solid for the back wall, one for the side wall, one for the pillars, etc... Then you precomp the solids, one by one. The next step would be copying the footage to each precomp and set it as a guide layer. Then you create the lines, one precomp/layer at the time. Finally, when you have the desired lines, you figure out how you want to animate them on followed by doing the actual animation. Then it's all about tweaking and doing the post FX like glows, CC etc... :)
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