Motion Tracking a bottle spin!

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Motion Tracking a bottle spin!

Postby jazzalen on 06/12/2015, 3:21 am

I am learning tracking and here is a task. How to put text on this rotating bottle. I tracked it in mocha nicely, but the problem is when bottle is rotated text is not deformed like it should be. I have examples below. Any advice. maybe should i do text rotating in cinema 4d and export alpha back in after effects?
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Re: Motion Tracking a bottle spin!

Postby Farmfield on 06/12/2015, 5:34 am

To do that properly, you would need an object track - though you might be able to use the AE camera tracker on the bottle and then match that to a 3D object, either in Element or perhaps Cineware (though I never used that as I'm not using C4D).
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