AE || El3D || Blender || Create an Ocean Scene Part 2

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AE || El3D || Blender || Create an Ocean Scene Part 2

Postby VisualEffectsDude on 05/31/2019, 4:38 pm

Hello my Visual Effects people,

It's been a while as I've been busy but I got another one for you here and to make it up, I got some FREE STUFF FOR YOU ALL. I got into Blender and created some really cool scifi buildings, a scifi jet, and a scifi Dreadnought. Then, I put it all into a scene to show you all how it has all been put together. This is Part 2 and part 3 out soon as well. ENJOY AND THANKS AND IF YOU DIG - LIKE & SUB


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Re: AE || El3D || Blender || Create an Ocean Scene Part 2

Postby Konkurs_101 on 06/27/2019, 9:55 am

Thanks for your tutorials, it saves my life! As an "advanced beginner" when it comes to VideoCopilot, I was tasked to create a scene involving one of these villa for sale in Limassol, Cyprus for my boss... So, I'm glad that some people explain clearly how to do what I can't do yet :lol:
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