after effects crashes when importing sth..

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after effects crashes when importing sth..

Postby keyzzar on 04/16/2009, 5:02 am

Hi guys,

hopefully you can help me with this problem:

My After Effects CS3 crashes each time i (e.g.) drag&drop a jpg file into the composition or well just import it anywhere into AE..

I already reinstalled AE but that just doesnt work -.- ...

So i found a way to import jpgs anyway : i put them into an empty folder (1 jpg each folder) and import the folder. Well the image is imported then but i cant scale the time of that image higher than 3 seconds because its a sequenz or what ever (well can I ? Timestretch max. is 9900% -> 3 seconds).

Any idea?
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Re: after effects crashes when importing sth..

Postby Topher on 04/16/2009, 8:35 am

Do A flile>Import File, and uncheck Image Sequence near the bottom of the import window.
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