2 text effect presets on 1 text!?!?

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2 text effect presets on 1 text!?!?

Postby Sourze32 on 04/15/2009, 9:01 pm

Hi, if i example make a text and type something. Then i go to the presets and take a text effect (doubleclick). Then that will be succeeded..

Then i move the timeline some secounds until the effect is gone,andiwant choose another one.. Then, how to do? if idoubleclick this time, the first effect will get lost!
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Re: 2 text effect presets on 1 text!?!?

Postby muckyman on 04/16/2009, 4:27 am

easy workaround is to add your preset then go to the point in time you want add the next one and go to edit/split layer "CTRL+SHIFT+D" then you can add another preset to the split layer.
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