brining my 3d layers in front of me

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brining my 3d layers in front of me

Postby yveworth on 04/15/2009, 5:14 pm

Hey everyone...

I have been editing about a 30 second peice and i'm maybe 15 seconds into it and all this time i've been moving deep into my 3d space.

I want to ad a new 3d layer but when i make it 3d it goes back to 0,0,0.

And I can't see it because I'm somewhere else.

Is there a way of figuring out where I am? What my coordinates are? I can't find it? or is there and easy way to click and layer and just bring it in front of where my current camera position is?
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Re: brining my 3d layers in front of me

Postby Crevasse on 04/15/2009, 5:26 pm

If you're animating a Camera towards where you are in Z space (or any of the other spaces)
You can go back to the first frame where your new layer will most likely be, (unless you moved the camera to a different point for the first frame) then parent the new layer to the camera, move forward in time to where you are and then unparent it. Also you have to options of the custom view options which should be in a drop down list on the bottom of the render window, with other options like Top, Front etc. You can free move with your camera tools in those views without it affecting your comp camera.

EDIT: Also you can move your objects/layers around in those views.

Hope that helps.
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