Frame rates for animated music video

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Frame rates for animated music video

Postby anthony-sean on 04/14/2009, 9:21 am

(Apologies if this is not the best place to post this query)

I've storyboarded an animated video to accompany some music I've been supplied. I was planning on using DVCPRO HD 720 (or the 1080 version of the setting) at 25FPS.

I plan on generating almost everything within after-effects using no shot footage.

Does 25 FPS sound ok or should I use 30FPS?

This isn't a commision, it's an elaborate personal project (I'm in the UK). I simply want to make sure I have options if I need to convert it later on. I plan to animate some elements in time with the rythym of the music.

Thanks in advance for any help/opinions.
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Re: Frame rates for animated music video

Postby gregalan on 04/14/2009, 4:52 pm

Hi anthony-sean, welcome. Whichever way you go there will be some issues if you want to convert to any other format. The usual wisdom is to keep within the one system throughout your workflow. What do you see being the most likely final product? If DVDs are likely you would be wiser to stick to PAL (25 frames) as it's your local system. Be aware though that AE does not handle sound fabulously well, do a forum search and you will find a lot of information about it - not to discourage you but it's wiser to go in with your eyes open (also be aware that PremierPro has a lot of the effects that AE has and can be easier to work in so you might be able to use both if you have them?). Hope this helps.
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