Alt Click for Mac OS X?

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Alt Click for Mac OS X?

Postby John Nada on 04/10/2009, 5:13 am

Hey there,

Probably a dumb question I know but I'm using AE on a mac and in one of the tutorials it asks to alt click on a section, but this acts differently on the mac to what it would on a PC. Does anyone know the alternative?

Thank you.
John Nada
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Re: Alt Click for Mac OS X?

Postby David Wood on 04/10/2009, 7:14 am

Hi, John, welcome to the forum! :D

On a Mac the Alt key is the Option key. But the command may still be different. As an example one Mac tutorial said to hold the command key and click, but on the PC it was Ctrl AND Alt. or something like that. Goofy huh? Anyway, here's another command. Ctrl is the Command key.

Here is the After Effects guide if you need more help with shortcuts. It's CS3. :)
David Wood
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