Colored Boxes in Render that are no in Comp

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Colored Boxes in Render that are no in Comp

Postby NewYears1978 on 04/22/2019, 1:39 pm

I am learning AE, very simple title animations for use in Pro Presenter. I've made a couple and they work great, however on my last render, one of then is showing some grey boxes (looks like the mask possible?) when I preview the video...however it doesn't actually show when I import it into Pro Presenter.

Any idea why it has these boxes? You can see example here: ...\

The box when played through web player is white (but played on PC locally with quicktime they are grey...also the playback seems to stop working through the web - not sure why.

Here's another example..this render video is all messed up (but when actually used in a project it works fine) ...

This started when I switched from premultiplied to straight color (which solved a lot of other issues I was having that made blurring and transparencies and text look off)

Oh and for reference, I am on a Win10 PC (can't get a mac yet, even though that's what we use these on at church), my settings are 1080p, QuickTime, Apple ProRes 4444, RGB+Alpha, Millions of Colors and Straight unmatted.

Maybe it's a codec issue on my Win PC and would look properly on a mac (maybe someone with a mac can tell me if they look right)
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Re: Colored Boxes in Render that are no in Comp

Postby jsn951 on 05/12/2020, 8:39 am

It sounds like a color space issue. Are these animations being comped over live footage that is 4444? Seems overkill. By default, AE comps are SRGB 8bit unless altered by the user, 16bit is ideal for animation. You would only need that much data if you were trying to maintain pixel falloff detail for variable scalability, like with cg textures, or linear grey-scale latitude for driving displacement. A quicktime animation 16bit should be more than enough for intermediate editing, even with transparency. The file size will be much lighter and playback will easier. give it a try.
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