substitute graded clip for proxie

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substitute graded clip for proxie

Postby bdemenil on 11/24/2018, 2:54 pm

Hi, I drew brush animations on proxie clips brought over from a premiere project. Now I want to apply them to a graded clip. I'm grading in davinci resolve. Is it possible to to just import the graded clip into AE and put it a new layer, under the brush animations?

A further complication is that the proxie clip is about 6 minutes long, but before bringing into AE, I cut it down to just 10-15 seconds. In my AE project, two comps were created when I exported the clip from premiere: one has the original 6 minute clip, and the other has the shorter clip as edited in Premiere. But I was only able to use the brush effect in the comp with the full length clip. Also the re-sizing that I did in premiere is visible in the shorter composition but not the longer. The after effects composition with animation is linking fine in my premiere project however. I'm guessing that the longer composition is somehow embedded in the shorter one.

I would love to just replace the proxie source file with the color graded clip, but the graded clip is only the 15 seconds used in the premiere edit - not of the full 6 minutes of the original proxie.

I'm guessing there is some way to import the graded clip, put it on a layer under the proxie that I had painted on, make the brush on the painted proxie transparent, so that the brush animation shows, but not the proxie, and thus overlay the brush animation over the color graded clip. Am I on the right track? Any recommendations for how to handle this? I have a bunch of clip that I've handled in this way now and so can't start from scratch. But I'd also appreciate suggestions on how to set up the best workflow for next time. Thanks!
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