Brush Tool not working in AE CC 2018

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Brush Tool not working in AE CC 2018

Postby lucvw on 04/8/2018, 1:35 pm


I'm completely new to AE and I have a question. I want to use the brush tool in AE, but I can't draw lines or anything else. AE only draws a dot and that's it. I googled for it, but can't find the answer and it's making me crazy. :/ I included a screenshot where you see 2 red dots. There should be a line between them, but the brush tool won't let me do that... Can someone please help ? Thanks !
brush tool.png
Brush Tool Screenshot
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Re: Brush Tool not working in AE CC 2018

Postby Musa Cader on 01/10/2019, 5:46 pm

You need to keep in the left mouse key not click it.Hope this helps.

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