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How Can I Use AE Face Tracking Data?

PostPosted: 03/30/2018, 1:24 pm
by HippyHead
Hi all, thanks for the forum.

I'm learning about AE (don't have it yet) and am trying to understand how one could make creative use of the face details tracking data. I've watched a number of tutorials and see generally how to generate face detail tracking data. But I haven't figured out how one might use such data. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

I do face swaps in another software, so I'm pretty familiar with that process. The software I'm using does 2 point tracking only though, it doesn't track face details like AE.

I'm curious if I could do things like capture the expressions of a face in a video, and then transfer that data to animate a still image. Or, could I use the data to manipulate the expressions in the video.

What is face detail tracking data used for in in AE?