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How to Create this ?

PostPosted: 02/11/2018, 2:25 pm
by jpyo004
Hey all,
How can i create typography like this ?
An online friend made this for me 4-5 years ago.
I want to make same like this one

Re: How to Create this ?

PostPosted: 03/5/2018, 3:36 pm
by psypent81
Hello hello,

So based on what you show here, I will venture a guess.

First, find that particular font, or a font that you like. This one is futuristic, so something along those lines.
And I'm also assuming that the thing that drew you the most to this piece is the 3d look and feel of it. So you can probably use Element 3d, or if you don't have that, try using Cinema 4d Lite (if you have it for After Effects) or if you don't, there is a free program called Blender. There are plenty of tutorials out there that talk about extruding text, and giving it bevels and materials..

For the little highlights, I think that is done adding some lights in the background to give it a backlight effect.

As for the claws, you could either model them yourself, or try a place like TurboSquid or another site that has 3d objects for sale.

Is this answer what you were looking for? Hope this helps!