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Depth Of Field Multipass Weird lines issue

PostPosted: 12/17/2017, 9:20 am
by G2G studios
So I'm trying to achieve a very narrow depth of field look on a logo animation for a client.
I have been working on my comp with pixel blur the whole time. It looks a bit choppy but apart from that no problem.

Now, before final render I changed the DOF mode from pixel blur to Multipass to give it a smoother gradient in the blurs. The problem is I get these weird bokeh lines in return. I do not understand why I get this. Is it my camera's settings? Is it in element 3d's options? I have been looking all over the internet with no result. Is this something common or what?

Here is an example with pixel blur on

Then with multipass on

Pixel Blur


In the second example it's a bit more subtle. The pixel blur look is more what I'm after but I wanna get that nice soft gradient blur that multipass has. Is there a way to have both? Based on examples I'v seen online it is so I'm a bit confused. It's not even ugly just not what I'm looking for.

Camera Settings

Element 3D DOF settings

Re: Depth Of Field Multipass Weird lines issue

PostPosted: 04/16/2018, 7:35 am
by Michael_Szalapski
For some reason, I can't see your Element 3D DOF settings screenshot.