Kudos to Andrew Kramer and his team!

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Kudos to Andrew Kramer and his team!

Postby Roland Jn on 11/26/2017, 11:48 am

I believe all the time and effort with all that Andrew Kramer and his team have put in to making these tutorials, they deserve a HUGE KUDOS! :D

I have learned so much from watching these tutorials as a beginner that I am advancing very fast. I have to credit Andrew Kramer for this as his tutorials are very easy to follow and understand. I didn't have any plugins for AE until I found Video Copilot and got the free ones that are super awesome. I have enjoyed watching Andrew's tutorial so much that I purchased several VC products.

Everyone should be as thankful as me if not more for all the time and hard work Andrew and his team have put in to these tutorials. After all, if they didn't do this, you wouldn't have learned all the really cool stuff or would be struggling to find the information.

Thank you Andrew Kramer and team for all that you have done for everyone. I love your sense of humor, you are extremely funny too. I can no longer drink anything while watching your tutorials out of fear that I may laugh so hard I spit it all over my laptop. :D

Keep up the awesomeness!
Roland Jn
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