workflow advice needed for lyric videos

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workflow advice needed for lyric videos

Postby AeonSatori on 03/11/2017, 3:23 pm

Hello all,

I am trying to make some nice lyric videos for my band and need some advice for the best workflow. I have been trying to learn after effects for 2 years on and off being a longtime editor and musician. What we would like to do is make some simple sharable youtubes for our 3 songs based around our website design The idea is simple, bring our sci-fi-ish stage to life with some simple effects: creating slow moving fog/ stage smoke, simple screen changes to enhance the song's story, maybe some lighting effects, and most importantly, add the lyrics with a clean and clear focus.

I brought in the stage elements from photoshop into AE, so I have full built background with transparency for the 3 screens to change with the song as it's own comp. In the main comp, I added my smoke via Particular, which has brought the render times way up as well as some lighting effects, but they need a lot of work.

Trying to create text and screen changes to hit with the music in AE is quickly becoming a chore, plus a 8 minute AE comp is quickly becoming a nightmare to preview. I'm using a hackintosh 6-core i7 4.2GHz and a Radeon 6870 2GB, 48GB RAM, AE CS6, and this 1080p 24fps comp is taking forever to render, even with the smoke turned off. I did a pre-coomp for the lyric text, which works well on it's own, but still not sure if it is the best workflow.

So, I am thinking about rendering out the 8 minute ProRes 4444 stage with smoke and lighting with transparency, then bringing that into Premier to work with the text and screen graphic changes. Would that be best, or is AE better at rendering text and I should stay in AE? Or is there a better way that I am not considering? I am trying to keep the resolution high for possible projection during our live shows, but maybe that should not be a consideration as the stage elements were made for web and are only 1200 x 800 px.

Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated as I try to create a final workflow for these projects.
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Re: workflow advice needed for lyric videos

Postby Guitarboy2828 on 03/12/2017, 1:30 am

AE does have a resolution function for preview? Turn that wayyyy down to get the timing of text down. Then, when you're fairly happy, bump it up a bit to check and keep going.

Particular can be a render hog. Maybe render that out and bring that in as footage? Or, while working on text, turn off all the layers except the BG and text layers. That should really speed it up. Then, let the final render churn away while you do other stuff.

Definitely work on text in AE, it's much easier to deal with and there is a lot more flexibility.
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