what effect should i use to reproduce this visual (make high

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what effect should i use to reproduce this visual (make high

Postby ronfya on 02/27/2017, 10:42 am

Hi Guys,

I have this shot where the tubes are spinning around her.
WGA - blacklight - original.jpg

I want it to look like laser saber from star wars. Like this
WGA - blacklight - laser saber.jpg

I created the shot above in FCPX using the "streaks" effect. But for some reason, it does not apply on the 5th tube. I tried to match the color and luminance of that 5th tube to the others before applying the effect, but I does not work. Didn't figure out why. It does not work even if I try do it only on the 5th tube by keying or so ... So in FCPX I cannot get that last tube glow which is annoying.

So I would like to try it in After Effects, but I have no clue what effect can I use to make the highlights glow parallel rays at an angle I can set so they are parallel to the tubes and can hide the tape & the hanging wires at the same time.

Here the angle is random so you can see what I mean
WGA - blacklight - what the plugin does.jpg

I gave it a shot at the Glow effect, Trapcode Shine, Trapcode Starglow, but unsucessfully.

(btw, I know about Video Copilot's saber plugin ... but since the tubes are passing in front and behind her, I cannot do a full replace since that would mean I need to create masks of the feathers in her head, a not so straightforward track etc ... and I don't have that much time on this one :P )

Do you have an idea ?

Thank you so much !
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Re: what effect should i use to reproduce this visual (make high

Postby Dmaroc on 03/2/2017, 4:46 pm

Couldn't you just key out the black background instead of masking?
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