Pre-comps and Parenting issues pre/post ctrl-shft-c

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Pre-comps and Parenting issues pre/post ctrl-shft-c

Postby vfxart on 09/1/2016, 3:47 pm

I'm trying to get to the heart of an issue that pops up when pre-composing a selection of layers.

I have a Solid layer with a few masks, simple Pen tool stuff, for creating stroke effects over a few frames.

My anim involves a Zoom Out (pull back) and rotation, so while building the Comp I've parented the Solid layer and the layer above (jpg as luma matte) to a Null, and the anim is solid.

I have two of theses, so in the comp layers you see

matte (just a jpg)
solid (with masks and a stroke applied)
matte (same jog)
solid (with masks and a stroke applied)

When I pre-compose, kabam ,the masks go 'elsewhere', and I've tried variations on parent, un-parent, parent after pre-composing etc etc etc... there must be something to a work order that I've missed? An introduction to the rules of animating pre-comps, if anything has to be undone adn then applied at the pc level, etc?

Any ideas? I'm only adding four layers to the overall with this, so it's not like I desperately need to clean up the hierarchy, but if this were a situation where I NEEDED to pc for something, I'd be up it for sure...

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Re: Pre-comps and Parenting issues pre/post ctrl-shft-c

Postby gregalan on 09/1/2016, 4:17 pm

Hi vfxart, welcome. I'm not sure I'm reading your post correctly and am a little unsure of the way you are working and exactly why/where 'elsewhere' is. You can add the stroke masks directly to the jpg and set stroke to Reveal Original rather than using a matte - if that would work for you. I'm also confused about the Null, and what it's function is - is it possible to parent the matte to its jpg without a null? Does it need to be precomped? Are you precomping the null? Sorry if I'm totally not understanding your issues.
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