saber looping problem

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saber looping problem

Postby peterlison on 08/19/2016, 6:23 am

How can i loop this????see on image
I have 24 frames long animation of static circle with saber effect, but first frame does not match with last frame...i need to help!!!!! thanks a lot!
ist not loops
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Re: saber looping problem

Postby Michael_Szalapski on 08/22/2016, 10:11 am

You will need to loop it like you would loop anything else. Precomp it. Split it, move the pieces so that the parts that were split are at the beginning and end. (Now the first and last frames run into each other perfectly.) Then you just need to blend the seam in the middle. (Crossfade usually does it, so you'll need to make a longer precomp of your circle animation.)
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