Trying to mask the saber plug in

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Trying to mask the saber plug in

Postby trollsong on 07/28/2016, 3:59 pm

I am still a bit rusty especially with plugins so what i was doing to practice was essentially try to make magic circles such as the ones scene in Doctor Strange trailers using the saber plug in.
Essentially what i did was I created a circle and geometric design using paths in illustrator, added words written in an alchemy font that I turned into a path, I copied it all over to after effects and added the saber plug in.
The problem is since I am using the mask path to create the saber effect i am not sure how I can use a mask to hide specific parts.

I am currently just using a random still shot I found on the internet since I am not up to filming myself with a webcam yet lol.
Would it be better in this case maybe to put the still shot on the top and bottom and just sort of do a reverse mask? Basically masking the area where the circle will be from the top image? Or is there a better way in this case?

Sorry if this is in the wrong spot I wasn't sure if this was fundamentals or not.
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Re: Trying to mask the saber plug in

Postby star+circle on 07/29/2016, 4:28 am

Track matte is always an option.
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