Giving Mask a Path

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Giving Mask a Path

Postby anirudh on 06/3/2016, 12:26 am

I guess this is an elementary question but I have a problem. I'm creating a hole in a layer with a subtraction mask from which you see layer beneath. I'm having a problem giving my mask a path. Since the layer on which the hole is created is a handheld shot so I want the mask to also move according to the image in the layer. How do I do that?

I tracked the motion in my layer but how do I apply that too just my mask and not the complete layer which is again the same layer I tracked the motion of? Do I have to shift my mask every frame? Cuz I'll die that way.

I don't even want to stabilize the shot because the whole film is handheld and stabilizing it and then moving the mask and exporting/ pre-comping and then using a wiggle effect doesn't give me a natural result. Any way I can achieve it?

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Re: Giving Mask a Path

Postby plae57 on 06/3/2016, 3:28 am

anirudh wrote:HI,
Do I have to shift my mask every frame? Cuz I'll die that way.

Well, you're in the wrong field if you don't like to move a mask one frame at a time, that's called rotoscoping, and you need to embrace it, because you will be doing it A LOT. Just not in this case...

I would put the mask shape (using shape layers) on a different layer above your video layer and use a Track Matte. You can attach the shape layer to the track. Doing it this way also allows you to share the mask with other layers using the Set Matte effect (though it acts predictably strange with different layer types)
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