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Messenger UI, chat and scrolling

PostPosted: 05/31/2016, 2:57 am
by rishiramesh
I'm trying to make a messenger UI, a chat messages like Facebook messenger or WhatsApp or any other chat app. I want the messages to scroll accordingly with new messages. If anybody could point me to a tutorial or website explaining the process, it will be of great help.
Ps : I've covered the basics and animating with keyframes, using null objects etc...
Thank you... :D

Re: Messenger UI, chat and scrolling

PostPosted: 06/2/2016, 12:57 pm
by star+circle
Sounds like you need a tall comp where you animate the opacity of the message bubbles so that they pop on one after another. Then put this tall comp into you main comp and animate the position up when new bubbles appear.