How do I make these effects?

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How do I make these effects?

Postby missjune75 on 05/1/2016, 4:51 pm

Hello everyone! I'm an apprentice at AE.
I was trying to reach the aesthetic of the following video:

How do I make that glowing effect and that magenta-blue-blurry-3d look?
It feels like if there were mirrors or lenses that difract and reflect and multiply the image. How do I reach this?


Thank you very much! :mrgreen:
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Re: How do I make these effects?

Postby Duncan on 05/2/2016, 11:19 am

Looks like they did a combination of effects.

Looks like they did an RGB Channel Split/Chromatic Aberration by using three layers with the Set Channels effect applied.
Like this:

The other effect looks like Starglow from Red Giant:

Also looks like they were shot with (or had added in post) a fog filter, and some shots are out of focus. These effects can be simulated in post. Fog filter you can create an adjustment layer, apply Fast Blur (repeat edge pixels) (increase amount). Set the transfer mode to Screen or Overlay and/or drop the Opacity. For making shots out of focus, apply the effect Camera Lens Blur, set to Hexagon and increase amount.

Also several of these shots are blown out, so you can either shoot overexposed or add the effect Exposure and crank that up.
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