after effects proformance 32 vs 64

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after effects proformance 32 vs 64

Postby tjd10684 on 03/15/2009, 12:31 am

Right now I'm using a 32 bit version of after effects on my 32 bit win XP I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to upgrade to 64 bit after effects on 64 bit vista. would i see a marked increase in performance stepping up to 64 or should i keep what i have. right now i have a single core amd athlon 64 overclocked to 2.42 GHz and 3.0 GB ram.
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Re: after effects proformance 32 vs 64

Postby Hoblahob on 03/15/2009, 9:11 am


I've just installed cs4 on 64bit vista today. BUT as I see there's only PS that is avaiable in a 64bit version and all other programs of the suite are in the "Programs (x86) folder"....

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Re: after effects proformance 32 vs 64

Postby Topher on 03/15/2009, 9:06 pm

x86 means it swings both ways. If you arent looking to upgrade your ram, motherboard or processors anytime soon, there is not point for you to move to 64 bit.

The reasons to do so would be to utilize over 4GB of ram, and also be able to utitlize 4GB of RAM PER CORE. so essentially you could have a dual quadcore processors and have 32 GB of ram all being used for one render.

but if you have 3 gb RAM and one core processor there is no need.
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