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Aspect Ratio

PostPosted: 11/14/2015, 7:19 am
by melisbalci

We are applying for a film festival with our animation short. We scanned all of our frames at the aspect ratio of 4960x7015. And edited them on Photoshop, export as PNG sequences in 4096x2672.

And we made the film on After Effects with the 4096x2160 ratio. I am confused by the festival guidelines since there is not an option of 4096x2160. Is this aspect ratio not suitable for screenings? Should I change the aspect ratio of every composition in my project and convert them to Full 4K which is 4096x2304? But then I will have scale them and I don't want them to lose quality.


Re: Aspect Ratio

PostPosted: 11/30/2015, 11:01 am
by Michael_Szalapski
What are the festival's guidelines?