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About element 3d text

Postby sho1209 on 10/11/2015, 3:53 am

Hello guys.

I'm in progress making copy of Metal gear solid V:the phantom pain trailer from SCE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VP0dNij ... e=youtu.be

now I have difficulty in imitating 3d text of first part in video.
first,I can't find any good textures in Proshaders 2 for text.I think Original video text's texture is kinda bronze-ish but any bronze textures won't work well.
second,I have no idea to glow or add lens flare on text at 0:01 in that video.I have optical flare.
should I make light in composite ? or I should control light in Element 3d ?

I appreciate if you don't mind explaining.Thank you for reading.
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Re: About element 3d text

Postby MarioLinkSamus on 10/26/2015, 1:59 pm

See attached image.

I think the texture isn't as important as the lighting in this case. I added a couple lights in the composition to create the dramatic effect. I find it easier to modify lights inside the composition as opposed to inside Element to get a desired effect.

To get the glow effect, in Element I enabled glow and tweaked around the various settings. Make sure the texture on your text has illumination in order to actually see the glow take effect. In addition, I added a glow effect AFTER the Element effect to make it pop a little more.

For the texture I chose one of the translucent colors and modified the properties. I later added a curves effect or two to try to match it better. A lot of it is simply playing around with the properties.

For the light effect at the bottom I added a simple Optical Flare effect.

It looks like there are small particles floating around too, but I decided not to add that in because I'm at work and I've spent enough time helping you with this project. :ugeek:
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