Solids vs Shapes

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Solids vs Shapes

Postby Rotenbard on 10/9/2015, 6:01 am

Hey there,

I'm working on a comp that involves using 3D extruded shapes, and I found out that if I try to use a solid and create a mask in the shape I desire, when I make the layer 3D my geometry options don't include extruding, just segmenting and curvature.

Now, while this solved the issue of whether to use solids or shapes in this comp, I've had situations involving mostly 2D animation where solids masked to the appropriate shape and shape layers seemed to be pretty much interchangeable.

So my question is, is there something specific I need to look for in my projects to determine whether I use a shape layer or a solid with a mask? I've been using AE for several years, but I'm mostly self-taught, so I'm sure there things about the properties of solids and shapes that I don't really know.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Solids vs Shapes

Postby star+circle on 10/22/2015, 12:30 am

See here: ... unctional/

The main difference being that solids are raster layers while shapes are vector layers, i.e. shapes are resolution-independent while solids are tied to specific pixel dimensions. Thus solids work better as footage placeholders, for instance.
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