Building a Jump'n'Run Style moving world - beginner question

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Building a Jump'n'Run Style moving world - beginner question

Postby TimVautksch on 09/2/2015, 1:53 am

Hey guys,

I am a musician originally with a great interest in filmmaking. With my band I decided to try and tell a story for one of our songs. I have editing experience but no compositing exp.

My idea was to build a very basic 2D world with silhouette buildings ( all just black silhouettes) and plants, selfshot timelapses of the day or night sky in the background and have a green screened actor walk through it like in a Jump'n'Run game.

I managed to do a sky replacement with a timelapse and put some stationary green screen footage into the comp (like a dancer standing still).

I also created a 7000x1080 jpg with different houses that I keyframed the position of so that it moves from right to left.

2 Things:

How can I anchor footage to like a building in my comp?

How can I make an actor move through my world?

Would it be easier to create an virtual camera insteat of moving the landscape? (no idea what I am talking about just stuff I saw being done in AE somewhere)

Would be awesome if you gave me some hints, I don't even know what to google for as I don't yet know the terminology.


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Re: Building a Jump'n'Run Style moving world - beginner question

Postby Westbam on 09/3/2015, 6:04 am

Wow, sounds like a cool project to do! 8-)

What you want to look for is called Parallax. (this will give you an idea:

Basicly, you make a 3D camera, let it move over the X axis, and than put all your assets (buldings, plants) in that same comp.
Make them 3D layers, and push them back in Z space. And reposotion them if needed.
The bigger far away objects go further away, and than, when they are too small, simply scale them up.

No idea how to place your greenscreened band members in there, I fear that will be just a lot off keyframes.

Cant find a decent tutorial for you, but there are some out there. Good luck, sounds fun!
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Re: Building a Jump'n'Run Style moving world - beginner question

Postby boxtree on 09/3/2015, 6:55 am

I did something pretty similar to this, I'm also a musician and didn't really know what I was doing, just dug around here on the forums, a healthy amount of googling and watched plenty of VC Tutorials!

The way I did it was pretty much exactly as Westbam described.
I filmed our heads on a green screen, used some assets from video hive for the walk sequences and precomped them together.
The backgrounds were all created from still images pushed around in Zspace to achieve the parallax.

To anchor the footage to a building you just need to precompose the building, then align the footage inside that precomp.

Good luck!
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