Blender/Element 3D Glass material

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Blender/Element 3D Glass material

Postby Asmodevs on 06/28/2015, 1:55 am

Hi all,

I'm a complete n00b to learning all this software, so please forgive my ignorance. I'm absorbing as much as I can, as fast as I can. I'm not sure if this issue has been addressed in the forum here. I looked but couldn't seem to find.

Trying to make a movie and I created a 3D model in blender, exported it as .obj. I want it to have a glass look. So I set the IoR to something like 3. But when I import it to Element, it is transparent when I apply a glass material, but does not have any refracting characteristics.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've learned so far, AE doesn't really deal with 3D files like Blender or Maya does. So, if I want my glass object to have refracting characteristics, I have to create and record the whole scene in Blender, then import that scene to AE and add any other effects after the fact. Is that correct?

Otherwise, if I could sacrifice the glass look and go for a regular solid look, I could do it all in AE/Element and things would be way easier and faster by being able to keyframe everything and change my scenes/camera angles on the fly, or as needed.

I tried answering this question by looking on youtube for vids, but couldn't find anything that addressed my specific issue here. If there are a few ways to go about this, perhaps there is a video or 2 you can link me here. Or if this has been addressed in another post, you can link that for me.

Thanks for any light you can shed on the matter.
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Re: Blender/Element 3D Glass material

Postby Michael_Szalapski on 06/29/2015, 1:24 pm

Element does allow refraction-ish.
If you want real refraction with camera moves created in AE, simply use Cinema 4D that comes for free with AE.
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