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After Effects tracking / stabilizing

Postby eoin on 03/11/2009, 4:22 am

Hi, I'm Jon and i have a problem: I'm alcoholic. No, that's a pretty bad joke. I'm not.

I don't know but, i do apologize if what i am going to ask is a beginner question. I don't know.

I filmed a shot with my camera and I want to change the landscape by adding layers to completely change the environment. I got to use tracking for that. But since i want to track a variety of different layers, rather than tracking each and every one separately i managed to find a way to do that easily using stabilizing.

Here is the problem: When i hit to analize the shot, the tracker point hit the edges of the shot because the shot is a panoramic shot. Once they hit the edged the points remain there still, and all i get is a linear keyframed movement from that hitting point to the end.
I tried this procedure also: stop the tracking one frame before the edge hit, and then move that keyframe to another point and continue analyzing the movement. Well that didn't work also because i get a jump every time it reaches to that frame, and that looks horrible.

Any ways on how to solve this?

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Re: After Effects tracking / stabilizing

Postby mjt57 on 03/11/2009, 4:41 am

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Re: After Effects tracking / stabilizing

Postby ChatZilla on 03/12/2009, 3:33 am

use multiple tracks and parent them to one null object yeah its all in there ^^^^^
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