Creating a Seamless Loop without dissolve?

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Creating a Seamless Loop without dissolve?

Postby woodphoto on 05/27/2015, 3:22 pm

Hi there, I am a beginner AE user and a much more proficient Ps user. I would think there would be a tried and true way to create a true seamless loop with no jump whatsoever or evidence of a cross fade?

Can I somehow duplicate the comp and lower opacity of the top one and move the bottom one on the timeline to manually line up frames so that I can find a great start and end of the loop ( these are videos of people for example)? I am willing to go any extra mile so that there is no "jump" whatsoever.

Can I use a transform tool to line them up? I just have no idea how to do this and would love some advice.

Thank you for taking the time to answer! Lisa
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Re: Creating a Seamless Loop without dissolve?

Postby gregalan on 06/1/2015, 5:09 pm

Hi Lisa, welcome. Creating seamless loops of video footage can be very difficult as it relies on 2 separated frames which are exactly the same. However to answer your question:

If it's just a video clip in your composition, select it and press CTRL (COMMAND) + D - this will make a copy of it. Then go from here*

However if it's a composition with several layers:
Make a new composition the same size etc. as the current one
Drag two copies of your old composition into your new comp from the Project Panel.

* Toggle open the top copy and lower its Opacity to say 30 percent (you can change this later if you need less/more).
Move you timeline indicator to the frame where you think the loop will start
Drag the lower layer along and line up the matching frames. (Make sure you put your cursor on the layer to drag it, not at the beginning which will shorten it)
Once you are happy:
Move your time indicator to one frame before the matched frame - this means the matched frame doesn't repeat when looping.
Press N (which sets the end of your work area)
Move your time indicator back to the matched frame of your top layer
Press B (which sets the beginning of your work area)
Turn the top layer Opacity back up to 100.
Right click on the Work Area Bar above your layers and select Trim Comp To Work Area.
You can delete the lower layer if you want to, but you now have only the looping section.

You can use Expressions to make it loop automatically (but that's another topic).

This sounds complicated but the detail is because I'm not sure of your skill level. Have fun.
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