In need of some assistance for a clip I'm working on

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In need of some assistance for a clip I'm working on

Postby stayhigh on 04/1/2015, 1:02 pm

Hello, I'm having some issues that I can't solve by myself so it will be good for some advice.

1. I'm having some problems with the dnxhd avid codec. The files were sent to me but when I import them they are really dark. Contrast isn't right. I read some things on this matter but I couldn't find any solution. The problem is one file is with the correct brightness/contrast while the others aren't. I think its a mistake by the person who sent me the files but I have had this problem before. So if anyone knows a fix of this. I've read that you can fix this by going into the codec settings but I have no idea how to get there. I tried quicktime preferences but nothing. Anyways this isn't really that important, I will just ask for the editor to resend the files.

2. Is there any way to relight a persons face? Obviously if you want to make big adjustments to the lighting you will have to go to 3D and do some modeling and stuff which is out of the question. Is there any simple way to do it in AE. I tried doing it with solids with really low opacity and blending modes but it doesn't look right. Probably my problem is I haven't made even decent masks. I just covered half the face or parts of it and then feathered it out a bunch.

3. If you have to create an "exploding" phone screen how would you tackle it? But only the glass breaks so there are some pieces flying in slow motion. I've used some stock footage but it looks really flat. Like I just added the footage and position it on the screen (probably because I did just that)

4. There is a TV shot where I have to replace the green screen on the tv with some footage. It would have been better if it was shot on black so there are some reflections... So how can I make it look like it was shot with the footage?

Sorry for tl;dr. I had some more questions but they will be for another time. There is some answers on google or even on the forums for all 4, but I prefer to start a new topic. Sorry for that also :(
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Re: In need of some assistance for a clip I'm working on

Postby Farmfield on 04/1/2015, 3:15 pm

Google linear workflow in After Effects. :)
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Re: In need of some assistance for a clip I'm working on

Postby star+circle on 04/3/2015, 2:03 am

2) Color Curves adjustment layers with feathered masks
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