After effects CS6 very slow

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After effects CS6 very slow

Postby Akeno on 02/22/2015, 3:27 am


I just bought a new iMac and I downloaded After effects. But it runs incredibly slow.

In my composition, there are only about 20 2D shape layers and about 5 3D-Shape layer (I just animated the rotation there).
And when I try to move a layer, it goes to "1/8 adoptive resolution" and is still extremely slow. That is very strange. The program uses only 800MB RAM and about 10% of the processor.

Een if I scroll through my layers it jiggles.

Do I have to change some settings or so to make it run more smooth?

My specs are:
i7 Quad Core 3,9GHz
GTX 775M

Thank you very much
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Re: After effects CS6 very slow

Postby JPT7505 on 02/23/2015, 9:46 pm

Clear cache

are you in Ray traced 3d?
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Re: After effects CS6 very slow

Postby LordEdington on 02/24/2015, 1:23 am

Have you used After Effects before this? Just wanted to double check, as what you describe as it being 'really slow' might be just a new person not having experienced After Effects before... in that, unless you have a relatively simple comp and a decent computer, you won't be able to drag through the comp at real time. 20 3D layers would be pushing it for real-time scrubbing.

As for the 1/8th thing... adaptive views will look 'jiggly', it reduces quality considerably to try and give you the ability to drag through at full comp. Sorry if you're already an AE user, it just sounded like you might be new to it.
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Re: After effects CS6 very slow

Postby krisq on 02/24/2015, 1:41 am

Are you importing a PSD file? I once worked with layers which had 7500x6500 resolution. This can bring the machine down if there are many large layers.
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