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Postby m3xicanhippy on 03/2/2009, 2:00 pm

What is a good way to learn the program?? i want to be able to memorize everything about AE and create my own animations. Anybody recommend a starting point? :geek:
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Re: Learning

Postby Nahuel on 03/2/2009, 2:02 pm

http://www.nalvfx.com.ar Dynamics & Particles VFX
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Re: Learning

Postby KylePrice43 on 03/2/2009, 6:30 pm

Nahuel wrote:http://www.videocopilot.net/basic/

Andrew Kramer puts the "Fun" in fundementals.

Seriously though... he killed my mother in mortal combat.
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Re: Learning

Postby Lmayfield on 03/3/2009, 1:41 am

The thing is at first its always a pain. When I first started, i watched Andrew run through his tutorials and didnt have a idea why he did what he did. But I kept watching, one after another. Eventually, you run through so many you start to notice why he uses masks, or why he creates a composition. The way i learned was watch a ton of his stuff, remember the effects. Then when I had an idea of something I wanted to do, Id go and re-watch it and try to implement it into my projects. Over time youll pick it up.

In my honest opinion though, I think the best and fastest way to learn is to run into alot of problems. I know that sounds weird, but had I not ran into so many problems, I would have never learned how to overcome them, and use those skills on the next project. And if you arent sure what kind of problems, I would hit a snag were I couldnt create a effect. I sat for about 2-3 hours very angry. I gave up and came back the next day, and kept trying for another hour or two, and Bam figured it out. Since then, Ive come across the same effect numerous times, and flew through it like a pro. Its the tough parts that will prove how serious you are about getting better.
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Re: Learning

Postby muckyman on 03/3/2009, 5:05 am

when i first got after effects i had no idea how to do anything,after eventually figuring out how to get some footage onto the timeline :? i spent hours adding each effect and playing with the parameters to see what happened.some effects appeared to do nothing at all which i found out the reasons for later as i learn`t more but i did learn a lot by doing that.
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Re: Learning

Postby gregalan on 03/3/2009, 5:06 pm

I tried a lot of things with really limited success, Lynda Com tutorials, book after book etc. (I hadn't run across VideoCopilot - which is fabulous) but the single most helpful thing for me was to work through the book "After Effects Apprentice' by Trish and Chris Meyer. It's a great book where you do interesting projects and they explain things very clearly and allow you to understand why you are doing things. Up until I read the book I knew a lot of generalised things but didn't really understand them, however Apprentice pulled everything together and things started to make sense and be usable. Their other book 'Creating Motion Graphics with After Effects' is now a constant reference source for me, but I would certainly recommend anyone start with Apprentice, I don't think you'd regret it.

Check out the reviews at Amazon if you are interested (2nd edition is the latest one).
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Re: Learning

Postby wilshire thurman on 03/4/2009, 6:02 am

My background has been music and sound design for 10 years and then one day I thought "I want to get into film and visual stuff" I remember when I first opened up AE and thought "holy moly!" Like every advance piece of software it's going to take time no matter what. No matter what you do watch every one of Andrews tutorials, even if you think they are not what you want to be doing in AE watch them.... Then watch them all again, start making notes on effects, what you use that for, what you use this for and it will all start to fall into place. I did everyone of his tutroials by having the website in the background. I'd pause the video at every step to make sure I did exactly what he did it and you'll really start to get it. I've only had AE since Oct last year and i've just secured my 2nd VFX job, its only boring corporate presentation stuff but hey it pays!! :lol:
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Re: Learning

Postby Fedda on 03/4/2009, 8:42 am

I downloaded AE on Sunday or so. Before I threw myself into it, I watched all the basic tutorials by Andrew. Then I tested a bit, failed badly at everything and went to watch the other tutorials. By now, I've watched just about every tutorial here at Videocopilot and I now fully understand at least the basics. But when I run into any problem, I try to remember in which tutorial Andrew used the same or a similar effect, go back and watch that again, and the problem is solved. I'm pretty used to Adobe Flash (or Macromedia Flash is what I got used to, before Adobe bought it or changed name, I don't remember) so I didn't need to learn the logic of AE. The most important thing is not to copy everything he does, it's UNDERSTANDING what he does.

But yeah, you have to watch tutorials or read a book to get good quick. If you do it all by yourself it's gonna take a while, but that's probably better since you understand it more that way.
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Re: Learning

Postby pvsciteach on 03/6/2009, 2:19 pm

[quote="Fedda"]The most important thing is not to copy everything he does, it's UNDERSTANDING what he does.[quote]

That's a great point. I am a relative noob to after effects too. I bought the Adobe Classroom in a Book and it was kind of helpful but I found myself going through the steps and not really thinling about what those steps were doing.
I started watching Andrew's tutorials and began to understand the "WHY" better. I purchased the complete bundle of VCP DVDs because I felt like I owed them for the tutoirals. It turns out the DVDs are filled with more tutorials that not only teach you about the VCP products but the "WHY" becomes more and more clear with every tut. (They better come out with some new products so I can repay them again)
Just keep on plugging away at tutorials but, as FEDDA said; Don't just copy what is being done, try to UNDERSTAND the "WHY"!
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Re: Learning

Postby LifeType on 03/14/2009, 12:09 pm

i wake up in morning and get in this i want to learn more mode ..for about 3 hours il
search the inet for everything and anything i can learn , and once i feel like ive met my learning quota for the day il start working on some projects . you got to want to learn .. and this is the perfect site for it
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Re: Learning

Postby ITVteacher on 03/14/2009, 1:09 pm

I buy really big books and rest them on my head, the words soak in and walaaa!

Just kidding you guys did such a good job I thought there was not much to add
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