Colored Boxes in Render that are no in Comp

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Colored Boxes in Render that are no in Comp

Postby NewYears1978 on 04/22/2019, 1:39 pm

I am learning AE, very simple title animations for use in Pro Presenter. I've made a couple and they work great, however on my last render, one of then is showing some grey boxes (looks like the mask possible?) when I preview the video...however it doesn't actually show when I import it into Pro Presenter.

Any idea why it has these boxes? You can see example here: ...\

The box when played through web player is white (but played on PC locally with quicktime they are grey...also the playback seems to stop working through the web - not sure why.

Here's another example..this render video is all messed up (but when actually used in a project it works fine) ...

This started when I switched from premultiplied to straight color (which solved a lot of other issues I was having that made blurring and transparencies and text look off)

Oh and for reference, I am on a Win10 PC (can't get a mac yet, even though that's what we use these on at church), my settings are 1080p, QuickTime, Apple ProRes 4444, RGB+Alpha, Millions of Colors and Straight unmatted.

Maybe it's a codec issue on my Win PC and would look properly on a mac (maybe someone with a mac can tell me if they look right)
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