Question/Discussion/Debate about originality

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Question/Discussion/Debate about originality

Postby JanHoos on 08/17/2008, 3:53 pm

Hey folks,

I work with this video gaming review/news website for a few months now and I make Video reviews. The Boss makes video's and intro's 2 but the fact is: He uses all the common stuff. I present exhibit one:

( Note ahead of my example: Im not here to flame the creativity, just wondering what you people choose think about what Im about to present to you )

Watch the intro. The soundtrack: Ceasers Jerk it out matches the image perfectly but to me its like: Duh! If your a video editor your first thought would probably to choose that soundtrack. Sure it works, but all the "pro's" expect to see that in there.

Exhibit two:

A video review. Its in dutch so please hang in there until you see a "chapter screen" that displays stuff like: Graphics, Presentation etc. etc. The style of that screen is almost an exact copy of Gametrailers intro's and chapter screens. If you know gametrailers you will sureley recognise the style. Once again: It works! But its what people know.

My "piccle" is the following:
Its easy to impress the masses with video editing and design in general. I used the example of showing a free web-template where you changed a color or two , to say your mother and she will be impressed. However, webdesigners will think you suck and say your a copycat. So the samething with that sound-track for example. I can give you tons of gaming video's that use: Prodigy Firestarter as a sound-track. It works! But its used a hundred of times. So the question/subject of this debate: When, if ever do you go for the thing that works instantly without searching for another sound/feel/design. The other design might be better, the same or worse. If its worse it will make you stand out of the crowd, but not for "the masses". Only in the eyes of another proffesional.

My oppinion:
From the point when I began my new carreer in design ( still studying a design study ) I always tried to use different things that no one saw before. The first thing we needed to design was our portfolio. That was in the time the dark-grey and green templates where in fashion. A few of my classmates went for those colors. Usually doing this takes a lot more work wich your client or target audience wont even know. So these days Im just wondering: Are there moments you go with the flow or what the flow expects you to do?

Note 2: With "the masses" I mean people who arent proffesionals. I didnt mean to think less of them and I certainly dont do. I'm from Holland and couldnt come up with the english term for the word I was looking for!
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Re: Question/Discussion/Debate about originality

Postby Tayari on 08/17/2008, 4:16 pm

are you making your products for other designers or for the "masses". If it is to impress your peers be original. If it is for the masses to make money be as efficient as possible.

I know some people who make "garbage" just to earn enough money to do the projects they really enjoy.
I found your answer! Its at
Or try the manual.
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Re: Question/Discussion/Debate about originality

Postby JanHoos on 08/18/2008, 3:53 pm

haha nice story! Well like I said: Im not here to flame that editor but it was just the perfect example. And seeing as Im about to start my internship where I can get some video editing assignments I was wondering about this. Should I spend extra time and do something original maybe less expected or go with the flow and have some more time to sit around or make the graphics better ;)
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Re: Question/Discussion/Debate about originality

Postby TXT_AOD on 08/19/2008, 1:54 am

I would like to add to this.
The other day my dad sent me a resume that someone had sent to him. they were applying to be a VFX teacher at his school. They had said that they created all this content on there own. When I looked at there site the first 2 mins of there demo were a direct copy of the Evolution promo, only with the text elements and colors changed.
I've noticed a lot of this lately. People who use the project files from this site and change the text and colors and then export it out. Lol I even saw the objects created in the "Serious FX" tut on a 40 ft. tv in vegas.
Now I know that this site is free and that the files are put up online, but this is a lil much for me. Does this kind of thing happen a lot and I just dont know it?
Like was said earlier, clients ususally dont know or care where there comes from. As long as its on time, good and no one complains. To me this sucks cuz when Im looking for work I use stuff that I created on my own, but it makes it harder when someone can have there work canned and ready from others work.
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Re: Question/Discussion/Debate about originality

Postby JanHoos on 08/19/2008, 4:09 am

Exactly my point. I came acros a dutch youtube channel with After Effects example movies that had loads of views. When I watched them it was like I was watching Video Copilot. The suckiest thing was that loads of people where giving him praise of his good work! He could have done those vids in like 10 minutes. Grab Andrews example change the text and color and done!
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