Young Man looking for a patron

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Young Man looking for a patron

Postby Goulgag on 08/12/2008, 12:41 pm

Okay at first sorry for posting this in this area of the forum but there is just no place I could post it within the allowed forumparameters so please bear with me.

For starters let me introduce myself, my name is Leonard Koch, I'm from Hamburg (Germany) and I'll turn 20 this winter. I have been into the world of 3DAnimation, Compositing and Motion Graphics for a few years now and ever since I finished school I wanted to become a VFXArtist.
So I looked around and found a few institutions which(who?) teach VFX. I picked the one with the best reputation an "Eliteschool" called AEP(Academy for electronic publishing), I entered their entrance examination and even though it was a hard exam, I passed it (they only accept 16 to 18 people a year).
Of cause I was probably happier then I ever was before in my entire life, but that's where the trouble started.
The education they give there is really good, but it's not cheap and the financial support I get from the Government (BaföG) pays just about a quarter of their monthly bill. My parents can't really help me out and even though I'm already working as an assistant financial consult, the money I earn there now won't last longer then a few Months into my Education (I won't be able to keep both things going timewise).

So much about me, here I'm standing with my problem.
Now to why I'm writing all of this. I'm looking for someone to help me out of this Situation a Patron or a company to support me. Depending on your support I would be willing to sign a contract that give's you/your company an option on me after I finished my education, even if it would mean to move to another country (preferably the US).

Now I know that my chances of finding someone here are slim but I gotta take my chances even the little ones. If you are interested you're most likely to wanna know more about me than I could possibly fit into this post so please contact me on my mail address: Leonardkoch(a) Thank you.

If you know someone who might be just remotely interested in this I encourage you to bring this to their attention, thank you again.
As allready said, please send serious questions or offers to my mail, but if you just got a nice piece of info that could help me or others who are stuck in a similar situation please feel free to post it here.

Thanks in advance and greetings from Germany
Leonard Koch
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby wtf.cakes on 08/12/2008, 1:53 pm

I think this belongs in the Industry forum.
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby jemron on 08/12/2008, 3:17 pm

Have you thought of student loans? That's the only way I got through college.

When you say financial support from government, I assume you mean a grant? A grant will rarely cover all of your expenses, but a student loan could help you with that. Then, when when you get a better paying job, you can pay it off...
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby Kyle on 08/12/2008, 3:30 pm

That is how I did it. Lots of loans.
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby VFX-Anomaly on 08/12/2008, 3:35 pm

Well I feel your pain, I myself am in no position to help in any large way, but I have a few friends who may be able to assist you in some way, also I would suggest setting up a PayPal account, then maybe some of us here who are able could donate a few dollars so you can at the very least eat a decent meal from time to time.

In the meantime check this
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby Goulgag on 08/12/2008, 3:58 pm

I tried to get student loans and believe me I was persistent but they will only pay me for the last (!) year of 3 =(
"then maybe some of us here who are able could donate a few dollars so you can at the very least eat a decent meal from time to time."
Don't mess with me man =(
And ye I got a ppaccount it's leonardkoch(a) so feel free to donate so that I can atleast afford a new haircut once in a while.
Oh and that site you linked seems to have some serverissues. The first site took about 2 Minutes to load and then their server died and I can't reach it since then. @Anomaly is there any way that you could get me in touch with those people?
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby VFX-Anomaly on 08/12/2008, 6:21 pm

Well first of all I would never mess with you.
Let me see if I can get more info from them, maybe they help get in touch with people who can or have things like this in Germany.

Also keep your chin up, everyday you wake up is a good day :D
and have faith, things will work out.

PS. we should probably continue this via email, before we get warned.
I'll send you an email this friday about what I found out with
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby maltaannon on 08/13/2008, 8:59 am

My dear dear friends. I just hope you'll understand me correctly. School is important. Very important, and as far as it can point you to the right direction it well never teach you anything. You have to work it out. If you can't afford the best school go to the one you can afford.

The main difference between best schools and normal schools is that professors are more likely to have a solid and long-time background in the industry. But it doesn't matter that much, because most of the time they have no time to pass it on to you.

My point is that even the best school wont make you the best artist. It really all depends on your work, and if you want to become a great artist you will put as much work in yourself as you would in any school.

Look at Andrew. Best example. You're writing your post on his forum. There are many people here, he's doing great job, but he's self-taught. If you'd ask him a question how did he learn AE, this is what he'd reply:
I've been self-taught since I was 16 and learned by exploring the program to create great visual effects and to propel my filmmaking.

If you'd ask him how could you get really good in ae he'd say:
Well... go do something. Pick up a video camera and film something meaningful and use visual effects to enhance the shots. Try to figure out how certain visual effects were done. Follow my free tutorials and if they help you out then buy some DVDs too. If you buy enough of them maybe I'll come to your house and show you a thing or two.

I'd also recommend reading blogs and books design, rules of combining colors, image composition, and maybe some geeky image processing articles. That knowledge is available for free on the net or for a few bucks in the public library.

There are even guys like me, who are also willing to share their knowledge not only by free online tutorials, but also by simply chatting and answering questions on skype.

Don't get me wrong. School is important, but it will only push you as far as you'd push yourself. Be wise - don't let the school get in the way of your creative juices and experiments, and believe me - the "better" the school the more they expect from you, but not in the good way (of pushing you to your limits) unfortunately. I think that what I'm trying to say is that the "better" the school, the less tolerant it is for students.

That is in fact my story. All that I know now I knew before going to school. I went to expensive private school to learn more, but when I finished I knew only as much more as I experimented and explored on my own. It was really damaging experience because I was also working full-time to pay for the school. Had no life because of that and my health got seriously damaged.

Anyway... good luck. Feel free to contact me on skype via chat.
Happy AfterEffecting everybody!
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby AtheneWins on 08/13/2008, 10:12 am

Okay guys, stop messing with this dude.
Listen Goulgag, none of these guys know what you are talking about and the truth is you are asking in the wrong place but no one is going to tell you that so here it is. It'd be easier for you to write a letter to a school or sign up with a program through your local colleges or universities. Trust me, an "official letter" from the VCP Forum will NOT get you into college.
Threat from Patrick Otten:
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby Juicestain on 08/13/2008, 11:59 am

I agree, with maltannon, going to the best school in the world is not going to make you any better than someone who went to the worst or was self taught. It depends mostly on the person, their dedication, their imagination, their skills in general. Andrew is a good example (I wasn't aware he was self taught). Not to mention I've seen the work of fresh graduates from top design schools and some times it is laughable.

If you can't afford the schooling, can't get the needed student loans and can't find a company to sponsor you, then you might have to bite the bullet and go to a "lesser" school.

@athenewins, I don't think anyone was messing with him at all and I disagree that they don't know what they were talking about. Furthermore he wasn't asking for an "official letter" from the forums (what exactly would that consist of anyway?) and he already is IN college, he's just trying to figure out a way to pay for a rather expensive school.
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Re: Young Man looking for a patron

Postby Psycho-Designs on 08/13/2008, 2:27 pm

oh come on guys!.. you are stealing my sig.. its how I can spot my posts, now I have to figure another way to do that.. its hard to find something unique that does not look like a 12 yr old's msn nick name..
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