Looking for some advice about school & career

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Looking for some advice about school & career

Postby minaakaay on 02/27/2018, 10:23 am

Hi, I am currently attending a community college and have gotten most of my general classes out of the way. I was originally going to go into nursing, but after some soul searching and nudging from my mom I realized that art really is my passion and I would probably enjoy a career related to art in some way more than anything else.

I live in Seattle and took a tour of the Seattle Art Institute and was really interested in a program they offer for a Bachelors in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. I compiled a list of job openings and put together a list of degrees they are looking for and skills. I put together about 20 and only 2 of them specified a Bachelors degree.The school I am going to offers an AAS in Multimedia design.

I am confused at this point, and wanted the input of people that have been doing this for a while. Do you think a Bachelors degree is worth it? Or do you think the AAS would suffice to get me into the industry and get the experience I need to grow my career?

Are there any other suggestions that you could give me as far as side things I need to be doing and learning to stand out when I am looking for a job in the future?

I appreciated any advice. Thank you!
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