IMDB Credit Etiquette

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IMDB Credit Etiquette

Postby LordEdington on 02/12/2018, 4:15 am


Just wondering what the etiquette is for adding yourself to a tv show’s credits if they’ve used your stock footage in a production? Is that a no-no seeing they’re buying your stuff royalty free… or is it a generally accepted occurrence? Maybe an “Additional VFX/Animation/Video Content by… (uncredited)” type thing. Not sure if there's even a suitable credit for it?

If it’s bad form to do so, then happy to not bother. But if everyone is at it, then I may as well get in on the action. Got a few pretty high profile shows that I’d like to add to my page if possible.

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Re: IMDB Credit Etiquette

Postby jsn951 on 03/8/2018, 7:34 pm

If you release anything for mass consumption or use, whether for monetary gain or less. The creative licensing usr should be detailed in a EULA. Essentially, you are setting the capacity to which the product can be used. These terms are usually agreed upon purchase which should be stated at the beginning of EULA. Most stock footage collections EULAs retain no rights or gain from its users/customers. Thats why then tend to carry heavy price tags. With that said. I wouldn't.
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