Hiring a Movie GFX expert/s who can edit/do 13 scenes

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Hiring a Movie GFX expert/s who can edit/do 13 scenes

Postby kinukin on 08/30/2017, 6:39 am

I am hiring a professional movie GFX expert/s who can edit 13 scenes of fast paced action and movement with powerful
effects in the scene.

I will need people who can do a variety of movie effects such as 3d Motion tracking, explosions, lightning, smoke, etc.

There will be a script provided and images, A skype call will be necessary to display and talk about what is
in the scene and how the scene will be directed

A full total pay will be paid to those who participate/join the project

I am looking for movie GFX experts who have done a handful of professional GFX effects that are movie qualified.
The maximum time of this project will probably be 12-13 minutes ESTIMATED.

All participants will be credited in the ending credit scene.

I will be trying to finish this project as fast as possible, as there will be no deadline I am looking for
professional movie gfxs who can get the job done and in a professional manner

Down below post your information in this order:

Movie graphic editors who fit the role of the scenes will be picked!

Skype Name:

Why I want to join:

Experience of movie editting and GFX:(Post your past work please!)

Thank you!
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Re: Hiring a Movie GFX expert/s who can edit/do 13 scenes

Postby Ben Wotton on 09/5/2017, 8:15 pm

Hey there,

Do you mean VFX? GFX tends to relate more to graphics.

Are you willing to pay industry standard rates if you're seeking professionals? you can find my email over at www.benwotton.com - I may have some free time to pick up some shots.
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